Rahil Babooram - http://rahil.iscool.net

vegan singer/songwriter/musician

My albums may be purchased in Trinidad at:
Highway Records (Curepe),
Kam’s Music (Long Circular Mall, St. James),
and at 
Electro World and Music Shop (upper level, Centre City Mall, Chaguanas).

For those of you overseas (or who are local but can’t make it to the stores), here are the specific links to purchase each album on disc or as mp3s:

‎”Gaura-Vani” - purchase as mp3s or on disc - http://www.trinidadtunes.com/node/album/16071

‎”Simply Rahil” - purchase as mp3s or on disc - http://www.trinidadtunes.com/node/album/16038

‎”Orange” - purchase as mp3s or on disc - http://www.trinidadtunes.com/node/album/16033